Sunday, November 27, 2011

...and so the hammer fell

An addendum to this afternoon's post:

Thanks to the diligence, hard work and cunning of the lovely Miss H, the recruiter with whom we had lines in the water (Aclipse) has been revealed to be an affiliate of Chung Dahm Recruiting, which, according to informed sources, is one of the most unscrupulous, underhanded, dishonest and dangerous recruiters out there. Honestly, there's a list of violations, infractions, lies and criminal activities a mile long on Chung Dahm's rap sheet. Thank you, Miss H, for trusting your gut and checking the facts when I dropped the ball. Glad we're well out of there.

So, weeks of effort wasted. We are quite literally back to Square One. The only recruiter with whom we now have contact is ESL Park, the same company I went through last time. I'm expecting an update from them in early December, and then we'll see about what's available in K-Land and what isn't.

And of course, stay tuned for more info on that upcoming expedition to Vegas.

Postman, signing off.

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